How U2 Uses Social Media to Engage With Fans


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I consider that the building of a connection with the customers and/or fans is a great advantage to Web 2.0. In the case of music, great strategies have been followed by artists and their marketing team to engage their audience:

U2 use to take high-resolution pictures from the stage in all of their concerts and then they will post the picture in Facebook and encourage their following to find and tag themselves in the crowd. This would create a closer relation fan-artist and viral marketing for the band, as for each tag, a user is sending to their Facebook contacts the photo of the U2 concert – Fancam info (the 360° High Resolution Camera)

Fans photograph in a U2 concert. Extracted from

Also, Juanes (Colombian singer and songwriter very popular in Latin-America), made his second-last cover album (P.A.R.C.E) with millions of small pictures from his fans and anybody could look into the picture in Facebook, zoom in, find and tag oneself! What better way of connect with his fans than make them be a part of his album cover through a social web call! Click here to see the Album Cover, note that the fans are tagged in the photo; in this photo you are not able to zoom in, but there is another that I couldn’t find in which, you could zoom in and see the photo of each fan. Great marketing strategy and way to connect with fans!