How to Get the Support of the Public – PRs in Brisbane Airport


PRs stands for Public Relations and is nothing more than a tool for getting the support of others by means of good works well publicized.

Public Relations as its best!. Photo credits: Zebra Public Relations Ltd.

I think that this is a really interesting topic, is how you make other people get to know the good things that you have done and therefore get them to help you with future project that you have in mind. This is a basic skill that an individual or company would have to develop if they want to keep in business. This applies to everything in life, for example how do you convince a girl or boy to be your girlfriend or boyfriend, well showing appealing and hopefully true things about you! That’s the whole business of PRs: “Good works, well publicized”.

Brisbane Airport Corporation have some resources that could be well used in this direction through social media:

  • The Airport Ambassadors are a group of volunteers that have the will to help the visitors of the Brisbane Airport with questions that they may have and directions that they could need about how to do some things in the precinct. The Ambassadors are wandering in the international terminal and they run the Visitors Information Centre at the domestic terminal. They have a natural tendency to spread the knowledge that they have about the airport and their workings. This is what is called a Maven: “somebody who is willing and eager to share their knowledge”. They could be taught how to use properly Facebook and Twitter and could respond swiftly to questions that may arise in the public. And not only that, but they could be proactive in posting in public wikis or blogs how to do specific procedures that they have found are the more asked by visitors, i.e. Q&A. In this way the visitors and customers would be delighted about the swift responses to their issues and they will get a better impression of the Airport.

The Airport Ambassadors. Photo credits: Brisbane Airport Corporation

  • The Brisbane Airport has a program of free Tours that increase the awareness of the community of all the things that happen in a day-to-day basis in the Airport. This awareness definitely leads to a sense of engagement. I searched for some of these tour videos on the web a nothing came out. It would be a great idea to make a video about that, with a really popular and amusing public figure, who could help to create a funny and informal footage for posting it through the social media channels. The purpose is to get the video viral and innovative ideas are a great way to do this, i.e. check this amazing video of the American band OK Go and see the number of views that it has: 37 million+! If BAC creates a viral and educative video, the image of the airport would be enhanced in the community and the numbers of followers in social media would go through the roof!

PRs nowadays are closely connected with social media and the word could be spread to the extent that the outputs could be viral and appealing to the general public.


4 thoughts on “How to Get the Support of the Public – PRs in Brisbane Airport

  1. I have to say your choice of source in your first link there is not one that will be widely seen as reliable, no matter what it is saying. Scientology is not exactly respected and is often seen as little more than a cult for rich people.who jump on couches. Whether or not this is a justified opinion it is ironically (for your post) bad PR.

    I do see what they say in that video as actually kinda on the right path though I wouldn’t go as far as defining Public Relations as “good works well publicized” as they say. Though I am not sure they mean that literally, perhaps more just their way of trying to communicate their ideas on the topic.

    Something you might find useful in relation to this topic is the Oxford Dictionary definition “the professional maintenance of a favourable public image by a company or other organization or a famous person:”

    I think these airport ambassadors if properly armed with the tools to have access to Twitter, Facebook etc while mobile and doing their usual tasks are perhaps the best answer to the slow reaction speeds often seen on social media for people wanting quick responses.. Great idea.

    • Hey Tyson,

      My idea behind the Scientology reference is that I like their definition of PRs: “good works, well publicized”, they emphasise that a company have to do good things first, that could be publicized later. That is an important difference between that definition and the standard one, which allows for the creation of favourable public image without good deeds to support it.

      I have to admit though that this reference in the post could deviate the attention from the main topics such as Airport Ambassadors and viral Airport tours videos to a religious arena. LOL!

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