The Power of Microblogging at Airports


In my opinion the Brisbane Airport is a great subject to study in regards to Social Media, mainly because is the third airport in Australia, it has a great number of stakeholders and also because is located in the Australia TradeCoast – the second source of employment in the Brisbane area after Brisbane City.

Brisbane Airport. Photo credits by Brisbane Airport Corporation

Some of the main stakeholders involved with the Airport are government, airlines, passengers, employees, retail shops and transport system (to and from the airport). All of them have their own interests and challenges:

  • Airlines lend air transportation services to passengers in a streamlined and profitable manner. Adjusting to satisfaction standards of customers to keep them happy and make them loyal.
  • Passengers would like to travel in a timely, economical and comfortably way.
  • Employees want to keep their job to get a regular salary, lend the service to public efficiently to keep their customers happy and be in an attractive workplace that would keep them interested in their job.
  • Retail shops are interested in making profits selling their products, be in a pleasant environment that would attract customers and have some market research about the passengers’ purchasing trends.
  • Transport system would like to create profits from the transportation of passengers and companions from and to the airport and transport quickly (without jams or delays).

To create an effective way of dealing with instant communication from/to the Brisbane Airport, BCA (Brisbane Airport Corporation) have implemented a Twitter account that is a paramount tool to broadcast information to a great number of people and to connect emotionally with users and other stakeholders. Several applications come to mind and other ones are already implemented by the Social Media department of BCA:

  • Airport could receive informal complaints about their services and solve the issue or at least give an explanation. Also help requests are made and handled through Tweets:

  • Information about flights timetabling and delays could be broadcasted.
  • Airlines could tweet through the Airport account recently available accommodations in their flights.
  • Airlines could use the Airport account for announcing discounts on tickets, making the airport account attractive to the Twitter user.
  • BCA informs the community of new policies and decisions, explaining the reasons for the changes and letting the community express their views; which creates valuable feedback for the airport administration:

  • Issues relating transport to/from the airport could be communicated:

  • Public interest announcements:

  • Airport receiving and acknowledging good feedback for their services:

All of these applications and many more that are being used and that could be found create a smoother communication with all the people interested in the Airport and make the public feel more engaged and emotionally involved with such an important public service as the airport is for Brisbane.


6 thoughts on “The Power of Microblogging at Airports

  1. This can be a double edged sword and most recently I have noticed the tweets and facebook posts have been more negative. I have mentioned this around the place a bit, and made a blog post that actually cautioned about it too, I know. I don’t think they should stop or run away by any stretch of the imagination but I think they need to be more collaborative and inclusive when making big decisions which they will get flack about on these social network sites.

    • Hi Tyson, thanks for your comment.
      Where is this blog post that you have talked about?
      Yes, you could burn your bridges everytime you write a facebook or twitter post and sometimes it needs thoughtful consideration of what to post and what not. I am a musician and I am aware that some big artists have got in trouble because of twitter posts, e.g. Alejandro Sanz, a spanish singer and songwriter, wrote something bad about the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez (Dictactor-like character), and then Hugo Chavez almost cancelled a tour that Alejandro had in Venezuela. At the end Alejandro went to Venezula and perform, but it was hassle that could have been avoided if properly advised.

  2. This is an good example for micro-blogging. I think BAC also create a blog for provide more information because micro-blogging have the characters limit. Using blog can solve this problem and give passengers other channels to communicate with BAC.

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